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Urgent Care

Our mission is to uniquely connect patients to convenient, compassionate care in the communities we serve.

Virtual Visits are fast and easy and open until 7pm!

You can still access the care you need with one of our amazing Providers from the comfort of your home. All major insurance plans are covering Telehealth during this pandemic. No insurance, no problem. We also accept self pay. Watch our video below to see how easy and quick it is.

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With 3 Urgent Care Oklahoma City metro area locations to serve you – you’re more than a patient number. You’re our neighbor. Skip the line by booking an appointment or just walk in.


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Know Where to Go

More than half of emergency room visits are for non-emergency situations. Here’s a guide to help you know where to go.

What is Urgent Care?

Urgent Care is a service designed for immediate medical attention and treatment. Urgent Care services cover variety of non-life-threatening conditions and other general medical needs that arise in unforeseen situations.

Visit First Med for non-life threatening but time-sensitive conditions or injuries

Average Visit Time: > .5 Hour(s)
Average Cost: $120

Common Conditions For Urgent Care Treatment
Musculoskeletal Injuries
Onsite X-ray
Physicals - Sports/DOT
Lacerations/Skin Care Conditions
Motor Vehicle Injury Care
Urinary/Gynecological Infections
Workers’ Comp Injuries
GI Issues

What is Emergency Care?

Emergency care includes those medical services required for the immediate diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions which, if not immediately diagnosed and treated, could lead to serious disability or life-threatening circumstances.

For emergency conditions immediately call 911 or visit your nearest Emergency Room

Average Visit Time: > 3 Hour
Average Cost: $1,000

Common Conditions For ER Treatment
Chest Pain or Pressure
Severe Abdominal Pain
Coughing/Vomiting Blood
Severe Bleeding
Drug Overdose/Poisoning
Severe Head/Spinal Injury
Loss of Vision
Pregnancy-related issues

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Insurance or no insurance – no problem. We accept most major insurance plans plus cash, check or credit card.

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